In a nutshell

I'm 20, from Brazil, and I currently work as a programmer at Evolux. I love to spend time watching animes, listening music, drawing, running, playing video games and creating new computer stuffs!

Participations on conferences

Private presentation about Brazillian Software Law for Evolux staffs
Campus Party Weekend Recife with a few friends
On a race running as a hobby
Roadies team on Roadsec 17 Natal

Public ones where I was actively involved

Presenting to other listeners
  • Class: "Conhecendo o HTML 5" (2014, Brazil, RN, Natal) (Simpósio de Iniciação à Pesquisa do IFRN Campus Natal-Zona Norte)
  • Article: "Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia da Informação em práticas didático-pedagógicas modernas no Ensino Médio" (2014, Brazil, MA, São Luiz) (IX Congresso Norte Nordeste de Pesquisa e Inovação).
  • Class: "Básico de hacking para proteger sistemas em PHP" (2015, Brazil, RN, Natal) (Simpósio de Iniciação à Pesquisa e Extensão do IFRN Campus Natal-Zona Norte)
  • Article: "Levantamento dos principais equipamentos processados no projeto de recondicionamento e reciclagem de resíduos eletrônicos desenvolvido no IFRN" (2015, Brazil, RN, Santa Cruz) (XI Congresso de Iniciação Científica do IFRN)
Helping as staff member
  • "II Mostra de Ciência e Tecnologia da Zona Norte de Natal", about my old school international productions (2015, Brazil, RN, Natal)
  • "Roadsec", on a local edition about IT security (2015, Brazil, RN, Natal)

Places where I worked at

Role Description Year
Developer Developer for WebRTC related systems on Evolux Since 2017
IT support and software development Creating web sites and integrating systems for CCSA 2016~2017
researcher Support and Difusion of Knowledge about programming competitions at CNPq 2015~2016
tutor assistant Handling IT accelerated basic courses at Fanex 2014~2015
teachers' assistant Laboratory and Teaching of English Language program at IFRN Only 2014